Wien 1898-1937 Bregenz

Herbert Reyl- Hanisch was born on August 18, 1898 in Vienna. Due to his fathers job as an officer, they had to move many times during his childhood ex. to Krakow and Prague. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, but switched to the Vienna School of Applied Arts under Wilhelm Müller-Hofmann. Reyl-Hanisch participated in an exhibition of the Vienna Secession. Through his good social contacts, he received numerous portrait commissions even during the economically difficult years and he was also active as a book illustrator. Reyl-Hanisch joined the artist association,, Old World " in the twenties. The artistic works of Reyl-Hanisch enriched the realistic movements of interwar paintings with a very personal facet of the New Objectivity. Just like Franz Sedlacek, who was a good friend of the family, Reyl-Hanisch leaned towards a lyrical basic tenor and gave his paintings fantastic accents. In addition, to portraiture the primary interest of the artist was painting landscapes. Several trips were made to Italy and Lake Constance, which inspired him to draw ideal composed landscape images that were supplemented with figures.
Herbert (of Greifenthal) Reyl-Hanisch died on February 11 1937.

Wien 1898 - 1937 Bregenz
Entdeckung der Neuen Welt
Öl auf Leinwand
90 x 150 cm