Tropau 1904 - 1941 Athen

Viktor Planckh was born 1904 in today Opava (Czech Republic) as the son of an officer. After moving with his family Planckh spent his schooldays in Vienna, where he became interested in drawing lessons. From 1921 on he studied at the Vienna School of Applied Arts in Painting under Victor Schufinsky, Adolf Böhm, Berthold Löffler, and Franz Cizek. From 1927 until its dissolution in 1938 he was a member of the Hagenbund, he often participated in the exhibitions. After his first great successes he undertook trips to Paris, Italy, Greece, and America, where he exhibited successfully. In 1940 he moved into a separate house in Vienna, where he set up a studio. His favorite subjects were figure compositions, portraits, landscapes, and nudes. His paintings leave echoes of the New Objectivity. Viktor Planckh died in 1941 in Athens.

The preferred subjects of his art include figure compositions, portraits, landscapes and nudes. The,, Kneeling nude with a white cloth " shows how Viktor Planckh clearey referenced to the New Objectivity.

Tropau 1904 - 1941 Athen
Knieender Akt mit weißem Tuch
Öl auf Leinwand
119 x 93,5 cm
rechts unten signiert und datiert 30
rückseitig Originaletikett
Sander Gallery New York
abgebildet in
,,Die verlorene Moderne"
Der Künstlerbund Hagen 1900 - 1938