geb. 1961 Aachen

Robert Oltay was born on June 5, 1961 in Aachen. He studied at the Academy of Art and Industrial Design in Linz and mastered in painting and graphics. During his studies he was awarded the Talent Promotion Award of Upper Austria for painting and graphics. After his graduation he worked as a freelance painter and graphic artist. He was a member of the Upper Austrian Art Association and president of the Association of Visual Artists Upper Austria. In 1989 he received the 1st prize of the Dr. Ernst-Koref Foundation and at the graphic competition in Innsbruck he was also awarded the price of Styria. He was awarded the Upper Austrian Art Award of the Upper Austrian insurance from the Kulturring economic Upper Austria. Robert Oltay lives and works in Linz in Upper Austria.

geb. 1961 Aachen
Garten Linz
Öl auf Leinwand
70 x 80 cm
rechts unten signiert und datiert 88