Straßwalchen 1814 - 1908 Salzburg

Josef Mayburger was born March 30, 1814 Straßwalchen. He was the president of the Kunstverein, member of the Central Commission for the conservation of art, and the co-founder of the Salzburg Museum. As an active member of the local council he found the Beautification committee, which is where the Salzburg city club emerged from. Mayburger was also a professor at the secondary school where Hans Makart was one of his students. He taught the subjects: Drawing, Latin, French, and Italian. Josef Mayburger died on November 2, 1908 in Salzburg.

Straßwalchen 1814-1908 Salzburg
Blick auf Hallein
Öl auf Leinwand
103 x 145 cm
rechts unten signiert