Neuhausen/Stuttgart 1902 - 1974 St. Georgen Gailtal

Anton Mahringer was born on September 26, 1902 in Neuhausen auf den Fildern near Stuttgart. The former bank apprentice studied from 1924 to 1930 in Stuttgart, initially at the Stuttgart School of Applied Arts, and then from 1925 on at the Art Academy under A. Waldschmidt and A. Kolig. The artist visited Milan, Florence, Orvieto, Rome, Naples, and Palermo in 1927. Because of his teachers, A. Kolig, he traveled for the first time to Nötsch in 1928, where he met F. Wiegele. Later, all three became members of the "Nötsch Circle".

Together with other students of A. Kolig, he created the frescoes in Klagenfurt Landhaus in 1929-1930, which got removed again in 1938. Finally, Anton Mahringer moved to the Gailtal in 1931 and travelled to Dalmatia and Germany in the 30s. Later, numerous study trips lead him to Italy, Ischia, Yugoslavia, Germany, Spain, Israel, the south of France, Lebanon, and Turkey. Due to his incapability of joining the military Anton Mahringer worked as an art teacher in Hermagor during the Second World War. The artist was a member of the Vienna Secession and the Kunstverein of Kärnten and has participated in numerous exhibitions, such as in the galleries and Würthle Welz in Vienna and Salzburg. In 1948 he was awarded the Austrian State Prize.

In a personal landscape style Anton Mahringer created mainly landscapes of the Gailtal. Anton Mahringer died on December 29 1974.

Neuhausen/Stuttgart 1902 - 1974 St. Georgen Gailtal
Öl auf Leinwand
62 x 74 cm
rechts unten signiert und datiert 58, WVZ S.29