Karlsruhe 1878 - 1955 Berlin

Karl Christian Ludwig Hofer (also Carl Hofer) was born on the 11th of October 1878 in Karlsruhe. Hofer started his artistic career with studies at the Karlsruhe Art Academy under Leopold of Kalckreuth and Hans Thoma. In 1909 Hofer became a member of the New Artists' Association Munich (N.K.V.M.). In 1925 he underwent his final artistic breakthrough. He attended numerous national exhibitions (Gallery Flechtheim Berlin, Galerie Caspari Munich, Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim), as well as international exhibitions (Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh). At the end of World War II Hofer was appointed director of the University of the Arts in Berlin, during this time he devoted himself towards all the cultural and political works. Hofer was a loner in artistic terms. His major role models were the German-Roman Hans von Marées with his idealized figure paintings and the constructive logic Cézanne. One can describe the artist as the last of the classic orientated men and idealistic German-Romans (Böcklin, Feuerbach, Marées). Karl Christian Ludwig Hofer (Carl Hofer) died on April 3, 1955 in Berlin.

Karlsruhe 1878 - 1955 Berlin
Blumen in Vase
Öl auf Leinwand
67 x 54 cm
rechts unten signiert