Oberneukirchen 1907 - 1980 Hellmonsödt

Albrecht Dunzendorfer was born on March 12, 1907 in Oberneukirchen. He studied at the Vienna Academy of Art under William Dachau and Carl Fahringer. In his early years Dunzendorfer became popular through images from his primitive home. Dunzendorfer was a strong artistic personality, who could not be classified in a certain style direction, nor in any of his oeuvre. He was a founding member of the Mühlviertler Künstlergilde. Dunzendorfer worked in Hellmondsödt as a teacher.

Images of Albrecht Dunzendorfer can be found in numerous public and private collections at home and abroad in the possession of personalities like J. Gagarin (the first astronaut), Theodor Körner (President), Dr. Koref, and Dr. Gleißner. Albrecht Dunzendorfer died on October 30, 1980 in Hellmondsödt. In 2006 the Kunststiftung Artemons, which has a collection of thousands of paintings of Upper Austrian painters, took over the art gallery and the first built house which has workshops and it unites both buildings forming the largest private Museum of Painting in Upper Austria. Albrecht Dunzendorfer was honored with a permanent exhibition in his former home.

Oberneukirchen 1907 - 2006 Hellmonsödt
Öl auf Platte
85 x 65 cm
rechts  unten signiert