Waidhofen/Thaya 1901 - 1966 Vienna

Robert Aigner was born on March 10, 1901 in Waidhofen an der Thaya . He received his training at the Graphic teaching and Research Institute in Vienna under Erwin Puchinger, Sergius Hruby, and Wilhelm Wodnansky. From 1925-1928 he studied at the School of Applied Arts with Erich Mallina and Wilhelm Müller - Hofmann. His studies took him to Paris and Yugoslavia. Mostly in oil, his paintings represented landscape and inhabitants of his native Alps, Groups of people in relation to the simplified landscape combine an austere, and poetic sentiment. He participated in various exhibitions, such as the Vienna Künstlerhaus, Paris Salon d`Automne, and in the Great Crafts Exposition Paris. The Federal Ministry of Education and Arts in Vienna kept paintings of his. Robert Aigner died November 7th, 1966 in Vienna.

Waidhofen/Thaya 1901 - 1966 Wien
Zwei Frauen
Öl auf Platte
63 x 47,5 cm
rechts unten monogrammiert